Thursday, 11 October 2012


Caveat: This is an imaginary letter I received from the Osagyefo the other time.The address shows that it comes from the African Leaders’ Convocation,a place outside this realm.Upon opening it ,I realised the content was codified in an uncommon African Lingua franca.I took me weeks to decipher the meaning.As such,if the contents does not sound much Nkrumahist enough,blame it on me.

Dear Fellow Ghanaians,

For many years I have longed to see you.You know how passionate I have been about the Unity of the African continent.For the past four decades,I have received reports consistently about the progress of the continent.Though most of the messengers were as guilty as the message,Julius Nyerere and I never compromised our Pan-Africanism.We ensured that non-performing leaders were  denied their honourable seats in our convocation.However,we made alternate arrangement for those  leaders who are guilty of such crimes as atrocities to humanity,genocide and ethnic cleansing..For them,they could hear from deliberations from the public gallery.Well,they have no voting rights.

The other day,as I was leaving my office for the Convocation,Gnassingbe Eyadema flanked onother sides by Iddi Amin and Mobutu Sessesekou.He strongly reminded me to reiterate the third item on the agenda for the day’s business.Item 3: Galvanising Peace in the sub-region through Electoral Non-Violence.I was surprisedd when Eyadema broke down in tears as he recounts with regrets his totalitarian cum dictatorial governance over the small francophone west African country.Hardly had I finished consoling Eyadema than my eyes caught those of Colonel Muammar Al-Qathafi.He was sitting in the extreme left corner in the upper tiers of the public gallery.He demeanour was calm as his disposition looks reflective.Since that day was princially for inducting African Leaders who joins the convocation this year,my focus was turned unto these three;John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills of Ghana,Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and Bingu Wa Mathurica of Malawi.

Ghanaians,I have received a lot of reports about how well you are doing as people and as a nation..I learnt the economy now grows at 14.4% .I also understand that for a while you have maintained a single digit inflation.That’s marvelous.Though I cant disagree with those African nations who prefer the hippopotamus to the cheetah,your average development speed had not been entirely undesirable.Somehow,I'm not totally disappointed.The recent report that got to desk was delivered by Prof.John Evans Attah Mills.I’m sure Mills was only 13 years when I became the first black president in the sub-region.Though Mills and I sharply contrasts on personality,need I say that he made good use of his personna?You know too well that I as forceful,ejaculatory and sometimes spontaneous but I got a lot done .Only few of the leaders that came after m tenure ranked any closer to my personality.However,as Ghanaians,you have been more intelligent and discerning than I expected.I saw how you voted parties in and voted parties out with such fluidity and display of democratic maturity.

Back to what Attah Mills brought to me the other time.Among the pile of reports he brought was a Green Book he christened the Better Ghana Agenda. I’m not sure I would want to digest the nitty-gritties of his green book today.Now that he is here with me.he stands the best chance to fully explain to the African Leaders’ Convocation why he did somethings the way he allowed them to be done.

Fellow Ghanaians,ever since I was overthrown,ousted and kicked out from government in 1966,my ideologies and vision for Africa only got enthroned in the hearts and minds of many.Though my methods and approach to governance might not sit well with some Ghanaians,my motives were right.I was looking at the bigger picture.A picture in which Africa in its entirety is liberated from the multiple fetters of the oppressors.Im glad Ghana set the pace.You know my spirit still broods over the African continent as my bones (a symbolism of the structure and framework of the African continent) rests undisturbed in Accra,Ghana.My body might have been mortified but my bones never dies.So does my ideologies.

Early on,I received news regarding the National health insurance scheme,Metro mass transit system,mass cocoa spraying exercise.I equally understand how liberal the National accreditation board had become of late resulting in the opening of over 40 universities(both private and public) and still counting.Aren't these great works you have been doing with Ghana?

I'm not unmindful of the improvements you are also making in transportation infrastructure development,most notably in the major cities of the country.Shouldn’t  I say that you have made it possible for one to have breakfast in Accra and have lunch in Tamale without loosing out on productivity?Though the pace is not as I would have had it done,yet I cant discount the progress you are all making.But,I was expecting to have heard that all the ten capital cities now have their airports.I can see there are some expansions ongoing at the Kotaka International Airport(KIA). Listen to me all Ghanaians,stop overstretching KIA before it breaks at its seams.As at now,you ought to have known that you needed a rather expansive and Ultra modern international airport somewhere outside the city.Can’t you all see that the city of Accra is literally extending onto the tarmac?

That notwithstanding,you’ve made phenomenal strides in the telecommunication industry.I'm aware  you have about five tel cos serving you.Though you sold and privatized most of the companies and industries I’ve built,I want to believe that you had better reasons for doing so.I mean you diligently counted the consequences against the choice.I also hope your leaders thought about the future of posterity before brokering such tactical deals.With the over 40 universities you now have,Im confident its graduates are equally getting jobs whiles others are building enterprises?Lest I forget, how far have you gone with with industrialization?I hope you not only building a nation in which there are more philosophers than engineers;more lawyers than engineers;more bishops than business people;more choreographers than doctors.I encourage you to build a nation where premium is placed on science and technology;the engine of growth in this age.I hear this age is the dot com age.An age where it is almost impossible to do anything without ICT.You know  I never had any of these fabulous opportunities you enjoy now.Im amazed how swiftly your age had replaced our beloved ” postal-telegram-facsimile age” within the twinkling of an eye.Now,you have lovingly embraced litany of social media platforms with very fascinating names;Facebook,twitter,Googleplus,Skype,YouTube,LinkedIn and the likes.That’s not all.Ive been informed there are blogs,Vlogs,emails and websites.Attah Mills told me about the E-government service.This portal ,according to him,networks almosts all Ministries,Departments and Agencies(MDAs); and Metropolitan,Municipal and District Assemblies(MMDAs) to communicate with each other thorough video conference.I think this has positively impacted the decentralization process.Morever,by this initiative,you have encouraged participation and social inclusion as any interested person can acccess all manner of information by just clicking in.Whereas I believe in Africans devising African solutions to African problems,I  don’t reject innovation.

Let no man deceive you.Africa is not a dark continent.It is a continent of black people.Rejoice in the color of your skin and the content of your importunate and tenacious character.After all,Caucasians cant have your melanin.Black is the only pigmentation that glitters under the radiance of the moonlit evening.
Fellow Ghanaians,I'm I forgetting something?The Oil.You know I cant forget that.Not when it ‘s discovered in my backyard.The Oil is my blessing to Ghana and all Ghanaians to lead the pace of change and development on the continent. Listen,there are thousands and one fields yet to be discovered.This is Ghana's time.The other day,Yar’Adua was congratulating me after realizing how prosperous Ghana will soon become on the African continent.He further  explained how the oil could turn the fortunes  of the 24,965,816 around.Already,the economy grew at 14.4%..You should have seen the jealousy that sparked from Yar’Adua’s face as he unveils this to me.

But what does all these mean to Ghana and Ghanaians?This is my simple advice;be warned!. Im aware of the many vultures that are gathering to feed on the carcasses.Let no man take undue advantage of your proverbial Ghanaian hospitality.I was  told some Ghanaian business men have been thrown out of business on their own turf.It also got to me that some cocoa farmers have lost several acreage of their farms to some illegal miners by foreigners!. Strangers?.Aliens? But what are the appropriate institutions doing about these?Let it not be said of you that the strangers rode on horses whiles their masters trek on foot.It’s an anathema.Review your foreign policies again.The vultures I talked about have no place within their own niches.They cannot even make a nest.They are always perching from one tropical tree to the other.They love the tropical sunshine but hate the rains that trickles down the eaves of the African thatch houses.They are lazy birds that thrives on the carcasses of their prey.They ate parasitic.Dont be tempted by their juicy pot of lentil soup.Safeguard your economic rights and freedom.

Ghanaians be vigilant.Now that you are approaching the general elections be careful.You must understand that the whole world is aware of the economic potentials in Africa.No wonder almost all of them are pouring in like swans of bees.I need every Ghanaian to appreciate this truth: The Peace of Ghana is the responsibility of all Ghanaians.Our Peace is our duty.If each and everyone of us can be content with ourselves and identify with the true colours of the national flag rather than a political party colours,brotherly love will bind us all together. I want to discourage the politics of vituperation, vilification and vendetta.To the political leaders, understand that Ghanaians want an honest and compassionate leader, somebody who empathizes with their plight. The seat of government is not a dynasty ,so let nobody think he or she is heir apparent to the throne. Do not let the desperation of one person for power destroy all the good things the nation had built over the years.I endorse the many efforts made by faith based organizations, youth groups, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations towards maintaining the peace in Ghana.I think the days in which democracy was shrouded in mystery is long gone. One good thing Im proud about is the participation of youth in political and civic action. To theirs belong the future, to all the youth of Ghana, listen to me, do not allow anybody destroy the future they will not be living in. Be rational in your action. Your future is worth much more than a politician’s token. Listen carefully to the presidential aspirants..Analyze their opinions against their track records and make your choice by voting the appropriate candidate come December 7.

I can’t conclude without congratulating the leaders of the various political parties in the race. I mean NDC , NPP ,CPP,PPP, IPP,PNC,UFP,GFP,NVP,and NDP.I exhort you all to conduct yourselves with political maturity to maintain democratic decorum in peaceful Ghana.

Lastly, if you can’t see how Ghana could be desolated by electoral violence, just look over your borders.Cote D’Ivoire and Sierra Leone provides worthy examples.
God bless Ghana and establish the leaders of Africa.

Think Peace. Act Peace.